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In the pursuit of the image there are many avenues available. Different camera brands, bodies, lenses, flash, editing etc.

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Looking back over Lightroom files (as I switch out from Windows to Mac I am trying to transfer some images, though trying to transfer 3k originally almost crashed the damn thing) there are plenty of portraits I haven’t posted that I actually quite like, and it reminded me that, in the beginning, the image was the only desired outcome.

DSCF6967 (3)-Edit-2


This series of images were taken with variuos cameras, lenses etc. Some with flash, some not. Some have been extensively edited and others maybe tweaked a tad.


_DSC0717 (2)

This is keeping it simple,  no story, no expectation. Nothing fancy or dramatic.



How I like it.

IMGP0568 (2) (530x800)




6 comments on “Simple

  1. marla2008 says:

    That kiss picture will last you a lifetime as your ever Best. The “naked” face Casey I hadn’t seen and is particularly compelling. Sh..t, they’re all good. No matter what you shoot (gear wise) you nail it because you have THE EYE, and that has no brand. Keep it going (even if I curse you for being so good sometimes, lol).

  2. My fav is your boy at the door, definitely.

  3. Jamestux says:

    Great pictures – but a quick one on lightroom – I don’t know if it’s too late – but you can bulk copy the files – and then copy the catalogue – as soon as you locate the first file the rest will sort themselves out.

    I transfer 50K+ every time I change machines and about 1000-2000 every shoot (although this is adding a catalogue instead of replacing it).

    • Wow James, that is a lot of image manoeuvring, but being a wedding photographer I suppose 1k images or more is pretty standard. Im a bit of a Lightroom luddite, you may have to give me further direction on bulk copying and catalogues.You might end up being the Sony Alpha Forum Jedi Master…..or Yoda? (LOL) At the moment (with my new iMac) i tend to open the SD card in LR and choose the images i want to copy. If I had 1 or 2 thousand? I wouldn’t want to do it this way!

      • Jamestux says:

        Weddings are normally less than that – I take about a thousand a day on product shoots and need to deliver 300-400 from those. So if I’m shooting for a couple of days they all go to my laptop for clients to see and then I either export the catalogue or (if I’ve been editing on the fly) a collection and then import on the desktop (which has wide gamut monitors and a lot more processing power!).

        I don’t think you’ll need to do a whole catalogue though now (now that you’ve already started). So to do it a piece at a time make a collection (on the left hand panel in the library module) if you’ve not already and then export them as a catalogue – I usually do it to a USB hard drive.

        Once you’ve got that go to the file menu and import from another catalogue – and hey presto it will import it all with all your edits too 🙂

        It can take a while if you have large catalogues – but I normally start that as soon as I get home and it’s done the next morning.

      • Thanks James, I had a little practise run and it works exactly as you said. Brilliant!

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