The Groundhog Effect

Again to the sea.


In this kind of weather its hard to find an excuse NOT to go. We have to walk the dogs anyway, and we exploit the opportunity to treat ourselves to a bite to eat.


Where to today then? Aldeburgh, on the Suffolk Coast.


I have trouble deciding whether i would choose to live here or Southwold in my dotage.



What I love about weekdays, like this, is the pervasive peace. In the holidays, and at weekends, in warm weather, these towns are over run with people. Not my scene really.



But, although there was a level of vibrancy it was not densely populated. mostly elder folk and dog walkers, the odd family with a kid or two, possibly during private school easter break.




Its easy to  ‘street shoot’ to a certain extent, even with a gi-massive FF camera, obviously one of my mirrorless faves would be less conspicuous, but people are engrossed in their own affairs, and short of getting in their face,  are indifferent to the presence of a camera.




As are dogs.


And birds.


Birds in flight…..does this count??


And the water…which exhibits fairly pretty LOCA (chromatic aberrations to us ordinary folk…….oh, sorry…….I mean the purple sparkly bits!)


I usually only use one lens, but today took along the Sigma 105mm F2.8 macro and Minolta 50mm F1.7 to cover the wider aspect. Each can be used in crop mode giving focal length choices of 50mm, 75mm, 105mm and 157mm, although crop mode drops the resolution to a mere 10mp. Detail will suffer,but as i often repeat, at web viewing sizes its largely irrelevant……unless they’re 100% crops.



It allowed for wide shots, and closer shots, though i didn’t actually shoot in ‘macro’ so to speak.



All in all, another gorgeous day together. And the dogs get their walk regardless.


Everyone’s a winner



4 comments on “The Groundhog Effect

  1. marla2008 says:

    All of those are brilliant. Your composition has *seriously* improved, and your use of FF is very mature, for someone having come ot it so recently. Color me impressed ! The seascape with tiny man and boy in the extreme lower right corner is stunning.

    • Thanks Claire, much appreciate the compliments. I was very pleased with the keepers, and had a lovely day to boot. I think I’m more at home with the camera now and trying to make it work for me 😉

  2. Totally love the birds in flights (mew gulls?) picture. The diagonal created by the 4 birds works magically!

    Jealous of those greens and blues too….

    • Thanks Laurent, the weather really is a blessing right now, and we are taking advantage.

      The Gulls were a complete fluke, especially given that the image was captured with the Sigma 105mm macro, which racks to infinity and back to acquire focus…….slowly! 😉

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