Out To Lunch

Idiomatic expression aside.


We have a day or two each week when we’re kid free. Just me and Mr H.


We generally take ourselves out for a meal at lunchtime, nothing fancy, just to a local pub or similar.

Yesterday, the sun was shining. We went as far as Diss town, a mile or two down the road to one of our favourite spots.


Good food, a game or two and views over the Mere.



I don’t normally take a camera to lunch, but im trying to assess whether the NEX 7 has a place in the bag at all, and if it does portability will be feature that wins me over, allowing for ‘from the hip’ style, somewhat covert, shooting.


Stealth is the one thing the A99 lacks.

So aside from lunch, i’m doing my best to use the N7 exclusively for a few days, and even the kit zoom.

DSC04961 (2)-Edit-Edit

Kit zooms ordinarily are panned. A couple are good, notable the Fuji 18-55mm f2.8-4. But I find this particular one to be pretty decent. Its small, sharp, has good  contrast and colour and a really decent MFD. The E35mm has a pretty pony minimum focus distance, possibly its only drawback.


I’m still pondering.

As if the day hadn’t been glorious enough, being Paddy’s day, we had the perfect excuse to head off out for an evening drink once the littley’s were in bed.

DSC03014 (2)-Edit

 Is deoch deas é sin



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