The (Deadville) Hills DO have eyes!

DSC04167 (2)-Edit

Ok,  a little dramatic me thinks.

DSC04165 (2)-Edit-2-2

But I can’t cross my eyes (or roll my tongue)……………….Harding Genes. Nuff said.


The Sigma 105mm Macro to the rescue again, great for macro, great for portrait. Simply great all around. After using its Schwarzenegger cousin  – the 100-300mm F4 for the last few days, its positively light as a feather, and diminutive to boot.

DSC04157 (2)-Edit

I’m waiting on the post, for delivery of my new purchase – the Minolta 50mm 1.4, very well regarded and cheap as chips. Hope its a good copy, as the lineup will be complete.

DSC04131 (2)




One comment on “The (Deadville) Hills DO have eyes!

  1. marla2008 says:

    Holy cow those are freaking BRILLIANT !!!!! Faves are first and next to last. Absolutely kickass !!

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