Come Rain, Come Shine

It’s good to be outdoors and I could actually start to believe that Winter is behind us……you know it will rain, or snow, or something now I’ve said that!


Other than the weather, not a lot else changes in Deadville day to day. Its a nice little village and walking along with the dogs I can hear the littleys playing in the school yard (and it is a yard, I’m not being twee).


I took along The Rainmaker, although I couldn’t actually fit it in my bag whilst attached to the camera, so after what seemed like a Krypton Factor effort to squeeze it all in, we were off……five minutes down the road and we were there. I did mention it was a LITTLE village didn’t I?


Some play time in the teeny park, a little run around the field for the dogs and I managed to get a few shots with the arnie sized combo.


I didn’t actually find it too unwieldy, and getting back to check out the images I find that I have a fair number of keepers. Its pretty sharp throughout the range, and although most lenses hit their sweet spot stopped down a little, I really only shoot at wide open apertures, F4 in this case.


Doesn’t sound super fast, but at 300mm there will be no complaints concerning shallow DOF.

DSC04060 (2)

Will I keep it? Probably. Its a good focal range to have and, unless the much discussed death of A mount actually occurs, I could sell it in a year or so and it wouldn’t have cost me a thing.




5 comments on “Come Rain, Come Shine

  1. “winter is behind us”… off!
    Craving those green colors on the background!

    • Its lovely to see a little colour Laurent! How’s the weather where you are?

      • Well, well. We MIGHT get slightly above zero (C) tomorrow, and people are getting really excited. We had an long and dreadful winter, with many, many days between -25C and -15C (I am not even talking about the windchill). I used to enjoy those kind of days (I like cross-country skiing) but it is not quite as fun with a 18 months toddler.

  2. marla2008 says:

    Lady, I think you got a winner on your hands !! That first Dudley shot is spectacularly sharp, and the Kira pics are lovely as well. Actually, they’re all good !! Shot my own Bazooka today under a bright blue sky, bring Spring on !

    • Isn’t the weather fab?! Lovely to break out the ‘outdoorsy’ lenses. I was comparing the bazooka and rainmaker today in terms of DOF and the differences are marginal at best, so, for the price I paid I’m actually very impressed with how it performs. 🙂

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