The Rainmaker


My friend Nianys has a lens she affectionately names ‘The Bazooka’, a Sigma 70-200mm F2.8, which is very useful tele outdoors for sports, birds in flight and the like, and allows for excellent subject isolation (background and/or foreground blur).


Today I took receipt of a similar type of lens, a Sigma 100-300mm F4, which is generally as well regarded as the 70-200mm but not as easy to find as its been discontinued in recent years. Its term of endearment will be ‘The Rainmaker’.


This thing is Gi-massive (thanks Ty for the word), weighs about 1.5kg without a camera attached and requires some skill to shoot handheld and wide open.


I haven’t much to show right now, as its not a throw in your handbag sort of combo but what I see I like. Although I may have restart P90X just to be capable of wielding the thing!


I shall  enjoy the challenge, hopefully the skill will come with much practise, after all it can only serve me better in the long run…..

DSC03966 (2) - Copy (1024x798)

…..Can’t it?




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