Heirs & Assigns

Yesterday was another beautiful. sunny day and, being the weekend we decided to meet up with Chris’s parents at Southwold, a gorgeous little spot on the East Coast. DSCF0216 (2) DSCF0229 (2) I was surprised that half of East Anglia seemed to have the same idea, the place was buzzing, although the Beach wasn’t as packed as the Town itself. Its very Boutiquey, expensive and I for one would love to live there. DSC03137 (2)-Edit DSCF0244 (2) I was intending originally to only take the little Fuji cam, but decided at the last minute to take the SLT along as well, both with fast, fixed focal lengths DSC03187 (2) DSCF0292 (2) The dynamic range was enormous, and a challenge for the Fuji, whose maximum shutter speed is 1/4000th of a second, not quite fast enough for the extreme light to allow shooting wide open. DSCF0237 (2) DSCF0256 (2)-Edit

A spot of lunch at one of the cafes with tables on the promenade and we were off again. DSCF0288 (2) DSC03179 (2)

A little further up the coast, to a less densely populated spot. The wind and sea were a little more active here and there were kites in the air and boarders on the water. The kids loved it. DSCF0285 (2) DSC03183 (2)-Edit-Edit These folk were enjoying their spot…… DSCF0222 (2)-Edit DSCF0271 (2)-Edit The Harding Family had a fabulous day out together (and had a lovely evening: dinner, wine and Will I Am bawling on ‘The Voice’). Perfect.

DSC03207 (2)-Edit



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