Easy Like Sunday…

…as the saying goes, and invariably it is.

DSC02048 (2)

But recently I’ve been pondering, blog wise. its all well and good posting various shots with different editing techniques and filters/effects etc but right now its all pretty much a ‘same sh!t, different day’ scenario.


It is time to change it up – but is it possible?

DSC02200 (2)

I would prefer to show more variation in subject, location and lighting etc but I hit upon a couple of issues here. When my little ones go to parties or play dates. soft play centres etc a great big DSLR(T) is generally not well received, it, robot mode ensues and its hard to get any organic shots.


The other side to this issue is that my ‘second camera’ is a Fuji X body  – the AF is fine ordinarily, but in fast moving situations, with lots of zig-zagging kids it aint gonna cut the mustard.


So at the moment, with the weather and lack of subject variation it’s a case of making the best of what I have, which is 5 kids, a ‘couple of pooches, DSi’s, TV’s, (wii, ps3, xbox etc,…) oh, and a couple of cameras. Average modern family right?

DSC02292 (2)-2-Edit

My reasers don’t complain and to that end I am grateful.


For now, ain’t much a changing’.

DSC02393 (2)-Edit



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