If you’re looking for Burt Reynolds and  Jon Voight  on The  Cahulawassee River, you definitely hit the wrong link!

DSC01875 (2)-Edit (800x533)

Here in Deadville it is official, February stinks.  It’s cold and windy….and  it rains….a lot.

DSCF2205 (2)-Edit (800x489)

The kids get ill.

DSC01871 (2)

And….. there is nothing going on, nothing fun anyway. (Well we have the Marks & Sparks Close wine tasting – here’s looking at you Mrs D 😉

DSC01872 (2)

January is rough, February is utter sh!t.  So what did we do today?? Play a little, watch a Power Rangers episode (or 3), read some?

DSC01951 (2)-Edit

Drink a little Vin Ordinaire  whilst uploading to the Blog……

DSC01956 (2)-Edit

A little P & Q. It ain’t all bad.

DSC01944 (2)-Edit


(Thank G@d for the Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG Macro on a day like this, awesome in every way)


One comment on “Deliverance

  1. marla2008 says:

    Hey hey, that Sig isn’t making the choice any easier, is it ? 😉

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