DSC01774-Edit (534x800) - Copy

There are times when shooting has an absolute purpose.

DSC01729 (2) (1280x811) (800x507) - Copy

 Testing a camera or lens.  A portrait shoot, macro, or just a walk with the dogs.

DSC01781-Edit (800x516) - Copy

Other times I just pull together some random shots, some from today, some from older files, and spend a little time editing.

DSCF0483 (2)-Edit (800x513)-Edit-2 (800x513)

This is one of those days.

DSC01745 (2)-Edit (800x534) - Copy

I love editing and this series of images were edited exclusively using Analog Efex Pro, part of The Nik Collection.

DSC01789-Edit (534x800) - Copy

You take the picture.

Ty-Edit (800x534)

You make the image

DSC01741 (2)-Edit (800x534) - Copy

Photography without design.



One comment on “Designless

  1. marla2008 says:

    All good. Chris and Kira’s shots are particularly fantastic !

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