Hit Me Baby…

….Upside  the head.

DSCF2407 (2)-Edit (1024x683) (800x534)

This  kid does not get boring.

DSC01653 (2) (675x1024) (527x800)

(There will be, of course, haters)

This was supposed to be a beauty and the beast camera post, but..

DSC01693 (2)-Edit (800x534)

.. who actually gives a sh!t?

DSCF2387 (2)-Edit-2 (534x800)

Its great fun to have two cams set to the same parameters, with flash, same subject, location etc

DSCF2367 (2)-3 (534x800)

Which is your pick?

DSC01696 (2)-Edit



One comment on “Hit Me Baby…

  1. marla2008 says:

    Modelling agency… NOW.
    Seriously, this is the next Kate Moss. It’s a horrible profession, I wouldn’t it want for my kid, but truly, you owe it to the world 😉

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