The Girl Next Door

CROP (800x640)

(well, next door but one actually)

I have, unitil recently only ‘shot’ my own kids. My friend and neighbour asked would I take a few pics of her daughter for her, as xmas pressies for the rellies.

DSCF6696 (3) (800x451)

I was a tad nervous, as it is unknown territory for me and I didn’t have a clue what the expectations would be or how to really go about it to be honest.

I decided the same approach I took with my own children would be best, just let then do what they were doing and snap away.

avabw (800x533)

I also decided to use the Sony for mono shots and the Fuji for colour, as the skin tones are undeniably fantastic from the XPro 1, not that any five year old doesn’t have flawless skin anyway!

The model. What can say? What can’t you see? Didn’t exactly make it difficult did she? A beautiful little girl by any stretch, she also translates undeniably well in digital. She exudes expression and poise. She is but a little thing, but has a certain maturity about her that you don’t often see in kids this age.

DSCF6691-Edit (451x800)

She took direction well, moved around the room playing and intermittently posed for certain shots when asked. Fantastic stuff.

How did it expand my horizon? I gained an insight into what other people might want to see in pictures of their children, how each individual may vary and how they will vary from what I envisage. That was the most important. Secondly, in taking pics of my own children framing and composition is not my primary objective. I either get a shot I love or I don’t.

DSC00253 (800x533)

With other people a laissez faire attitude will not suffice, you HAVE to make the shot happen, the way they want to see it, which invariably means clean backgrounds and faultless composition.

I will work on that.

DSC00271 (800x533)-Edit-2

The images here are not necessarily the ones my neighbour would choose for herself, they are my favourites from the shoot. Max chose the last one with the partial colour, the model herself quite liked this one too.



4 comments on “The Girl Next Door

  1. marla2008 says:

    I know you’ll have trouble believing this, but the partial color is actually my fave 😉 You did very well in what’s an anything but easy exercise. Well done Mrs H…

  2. Thanks hon, it was great fun and equally good experience. I love the partial colour shot too, for the expression rendered. 🙂

  3. Third one is my fave, By far. Nice job!

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