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So, it’s that time again. Xmas done, the New Year is upon us.

What does that entail for you?

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The general rule of thumb appears to be that you have to torture yourself in January – no drinking, three miles a day on the treadmill (ok, that’s a minimum), eat sensibly and whatever else a person can dream up.

Photographically at least the plan seems a little less daunting; strobes, continuous lighting, seamless backgrounds and a little more varied clientele.

DSCF0562 (2)-Edit (1024x683)

After the ‘Miss Gardner’ shoot it seemed pretty simple, buy a decent quality background and train, diffuse the bounced light from hotshoe flash and we are in business.

Er….not quite. I forgot the Degree in Physics, which I don’t have.

DSC00234 (2)

So, back to square one. I returned the Lastolite HiLite background and have decided to concentrate on the flash system first. Once I have a better working knowledge of what is required for studio style portraits I will address the issue of portable studio and progress accordingly. Hopefully before the summer as I have a charitable idea that may be of interest to ‘The Friends Of Deadville’

DSC00166 (2)-Edit (622x1024)

Until then the growing database of potential clients will have to suffice with ‘lifestyle’ portraits.

nianys edit

(I’m sure environmental is a little different again right Nianys?)

DSCF0588 (2)-Edit (778x1024)

P.S Nianys did laugh when I mentioned a return to a more puritanical form of the hobby – one camera (entry level) couple of portrait lenses and a flash – for a year. Surely that would show exactly the ratio of gear to talent/skill.

She laughed. A lot.

DSCF0625 (2)-Edit-2

All the best for 2014 Mr H. xx



2 comments on “Prospicience

  1. marla2008 says:

    Knowing you go thru cameras like underwear, I couldn’t but laugh at the one-year-with-a-basic-set-up proposition 😉 BTW for those lost in translation, I *am* Nianys, in some other spheres. I see a big, pricey, elaborate FF DSLR in your near future, you lucky puppy 😉

  2. Ha, you’ve been through more than a couple my cheeky friend!! I see a similar/smaller FF DSLR in yours……………you just won’t admit it to yourself. Hehe 😉

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