And The Bells Were Ringing Out

DSCF0500 (2)-Edit (800x533)

Well, this is no Fairytale of New York, but still, Xmas is Xmas, and it’s a dysfunctionally fun time for most of us.

DSCF0422 (2)-Edit (800x533)

Lots of travelling to and from, entertaining guests, drinking, eating and, taking photos of course.

DSCF0427 (2)-Edit (573x800)

Except, I didn’t. There is plenty going on and the camera saw the light of day maybe twice, and that was that.

DSC00067 (2)

Until last night. Sasha got a new Sony NEX 3n for Xmas, plus a legacy lens or two to get started with, so we decided to take a few pictures (whilst watching a film – One Direction – WTF?!).

sash (800x659)

It was fun. Isn’t that the point? Doesn’t matter if the images are perfect or not, in terms of composition, framing, WB and all that Jazz, let’s keep it simple for now.

DSCF0446 (2)-Edit (800x658)

Sasha makes a fab model, and takes some pretty awesome shots herself, despite having no AF lens at her disposal, which is probably a great way to start IMHO.

DSCF0490 (2)-Edit (533x800)

Occasionally simplicity can get lost in translation and around then it can go from fun to pixel peeping and gear obsession.

DSCF0448 (2)-Edit (800x533)

As I well know……….


……and so do you.



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