When Lacking Inspiration

DSCF0079 (2) (800x533)
…..Break out the macro lens!

It’s been discussed, winter can be rough, portraitblography speaking. The weather is not conducive, the kids are glued to the tele like zombies, or trying to kill each other, and I don’t shoot sport.

DSCF0081 (2)-Edit (800x533)


Macro lenses can be a lot of fun in such times, as you can shoot petals, bugs, lettering on tea mugs, keys and bits off the Xmas tree and it can all be made ‘arty’.

DSCF0096 (2)-Edit (697x800)

DSCF0091 (2)-Edit (533x800)

Today, kid free, after the shopping and various other chores had been accomplished I thought I would give the Fuji 60mm f2.8 macro another shot.

I opened it a week or so ago, and put it back in the box, in the packaging and out of my sight within about five minutes.

DSCF0097 (2)-Edit (800x597)

DSCF0087 (2)_HDR (533x800)

That being roughly the amount of time it took to lock focus……for one shot.

Ordinarily macro lenses double up as excellent portrait lenses, the Sigma 105mm 2.8 being my favourite to date, they are sharp, contrasty, versatile. And sloooooow.

DSCF0065 (2)-Edit (800x533)

DSCF0075 (2)-Edit-Edit (800x669)

The Fuji isn’t slow, its paraplegic.

I’m not complaining about the IQ, its pretty Fuji wooji, but after reading on ‘THE’ forum that a noticeable improvement in speed had been affected via firmware I thought WOW, let’s check it out.

DSCF0068 (2)-Edit (533x800)

Er, noticeable improvement? Where? To whom?

Still, I got ONE portrait from it, showing the Fuji Wooji I LOVE!

DSCF0117 (2)-Edit-Edit-2 (533x800)



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