All That Glitters…..

DSCF6887-Edit-2 (800x533)

You know the saying, Merchants of Venice, and, prior to Shakespeare, some French theologian (Bob or Alan somebody), Chaucer etc. But for me Dryden put it most plainly:

For you may palm upon us new for old:

All, as they say, that glitters, is not


DSCF5815 (2)-Edit (800x451)

But it still glitters does it not?

DSCF6867_HDR_1 (533x800)

Ok. I dedicated myself to camp Fuji, and happy here I remain, but there is the glittering  of new products in the X lineup.

DSCF6185 (2)-Edit (800x800)

Enter the Fuji XE2 (in the refurb shop, I don’t ‘do’ new’) damn good price with a lens ive been lusting after attached to said price.


How could I resist?

DSCF6884 (2) (800x451)

So, I listed the XPro on FleaBay and ordered the XE2. The Pro struggled to sell, it is after all an ‘old’ model (huh hmm, not even two years) but finally a buyer emerged, paid the price and the deal was done.

Now, I spend MANY days waiting in for deliveries, cameras, xmas pressies, general shit. BORING!

DSCF6191 (2) (743x800)

I waited. I had heard tremendous things about the XE2 in comparison to the XPro and XE1, I was pretty stoked to get one at such a good price.I packaged up the XPro and Chris went off to the PO to send it on its merry way to a happy new owner.

DSCF5935 (2) (800x451)

That lasted five minutes or less. The XE2 had arrived in the interim. The lens thudded away on the camera body, the EVF froze between focus and confirmation and sporadic error messages kept appearing. A panicked call to the OH to save my XPro from the PO ensued and even though it had already been ‘sent’ he was able to get it back for me (thank f@@k for  village post office stores).

DSC00138 (2)-Edit-2 (533x800)

The end to this glitteting tale: The XE2, im sure, an awesome upgrade to the XE1 and XPro, but a dodgy unit gave me pause. MY XPro performs almost flawlessly. I need not an upgrase right now. I can buy said lens separately and miss nothing. Sure, the extra features would be nice, but not deal breakers in any respect (hey, the XE2 is no D800) it still takes DAMN good pictures……………

DSCF6758 (2) (451x800)

…….depending on whose hands it’s in.

DSCF6181 (2)-Edit-Edit (800x800)


DSCF5678 (2)-Edit-2-Edit-2



One comment on “All That Glitters…..

  1. Claire says:

    Hey, you know have a full Fuji visual signature girl ! Lovely shots. Keep that Pro, it’s working great for you…

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