I don’t do ‘street’

DSCF6339 (2)-Edit (800x800)

DSCF6353 (2)_HDR (800x800)

We  had a fabulous day planned; pop over to Ruth and Dan’s for a winter Barbie along with The Millers, then head off the Aldeburgh for Xmas lights, fireworks and associated festivities………….drink anyone?

DSCF6358 (2) (800x800)

DSCF6335 (2)-Edit (800x784)

I decided that I would take the XPro and try do things a little ‘street’ style.

DSCF6431 (2)-Edit-Edit-2 (800x451)

Hmm. Lots of half heads, wonky eyelids and sticky out tongues caught in the mix.

DSCF6409 (2)-Edit (800x800)

DSCF6418 (2)-Edit (451x800)

Not to mention the amount of times I would frame a discreet shot and some numpty would step into the frame or the intended subject would just bugger off out of the frame (…………or cry).

ty (800x800)

DSCF6430 (2)-Edit (528x800)

Who the heck does this for a living??

DSCF6419 (2)-Edit (800x471)

Not me!

DSCF6420 (2)-Edit (545x800)

Oh, and I WON’T mention the focussing speed of my beloved Fuji, it’s been noted and filed (ignored) for future reference.

DSCF6486 (2)_HDR (451x800)

I did (surprisingly) get a number of shots I call keepers.

DSCF6408 (2)-Edit (800x800)

DSCF6388 (2)-Edit (800x800)

And…..most importantly we had a great day with our good friends.

DSCF6482 (2)-Edit (800x525)

What more can I say?

DSCF6525 (2) (800x451)

DSCF6444 (2) (451x800)



One comment on “I don’t do ‘street’

  1. marla2008 says:

    Extremely brilliant post, and as a “street” hater, I have to say I *love* them all !!!

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