The Friday Night Takeaway

S0015773 (2) (545x800)

Casey, the usually unwilling ‘subject’ of a lot of my photos, suddenly announced earlier this evening that she wanted to do a portrait ‘shoot’.

IMGP0224 (2) (530x800)

She had decided that the floor lamp in her bedroom would be a great flash substitute as it has two moveable heads.

IMGP0260 (2) (530x800)

This, of course, turned out to be more of a hindrance than anything as there were shadows everywhere.

CaseyNB (2) (530x800)

Add that to the odd partial colour image, coupl’a missing limbs or ears and the occasional OOF or generally shite image and we have….

IMGP0238 (2) (512x800)

…..Casey and yours truly, having a ball, and everyone from here to London that may be looking for a photographer sighing in relief that I am not listed in the Yellow Pages under ‘Photographic Services’ !!

DSCF5764 (2) (451x800)

(NB: Entirely cut and pasted from MCN & Thanks to Nianys for the helpful edit)



One comment on “The Friday Night Takeaway

  1. marla2008 says:

    You two had fun and it shows ! Fun, and even *one* great shot (in the checkered hat) is all it takes to make it worth your time. Now go back to the drawing board tonight, and get those expressions rolling ! (no more zombie stare, lol).

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