Odds & Sods


The Odds being the composition and/or editing etc

DSCF5123 (2) (451x800)

The Sods, you guessed it……….

DSCF5316 (2)-2 (451x800)

So, summer has passed on, winter is undeniably current.

DSCF5621 (2) (577x1024)-Edit-Edit (451x800)

Looking back over my images from the last few months I note that there are a few from almost every brand (excluding Canon) that I am fond of.

P1030133 (2)-Edit (450x800)

Nothing amazing, just reminders.

IMGP0698 (2) (800x530)

Some cameras fonder still (OMD and D800)

IMGP0639 (2) (530x800)

untitled-34 (800x456)

Although now my mind is at peace with the Fuji Xpro.

untitled-5 (800x800)

I haven’t solved the ‘trippin’ out’ zoom or second body option yet…

untitled-8 (800x800)

But a girl has to have something to look forward to!!



5 comments on “Odds & Sods

  1. marla2008 says:

    They’ve all served you well for one very simple reason : you’re a good photographer (and you have gorgeous children, which helps). Whatever you shoot with, the gift is gonna shine. That first B&W Casey pic is outstanding !!

  2. Agree about the first pic. Totally awesome.

    And she is klimt-est in the 5th picture.

  3. Klimt-esque, as in Gustav? I think his stylistic characteristics were a little less straight laced Laurent 😉

  4. Its more the tilted head and her tall silhouette. Hard to explain why I had double vision of his painting when I looked at this picture. I used to live in Vienna, a few blocks away from the museum where this painting is shown, and used to go there very often, even for a few minutes.

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