X-Pro Y’Kno

DSCF5186 (2) (451x800)

Actually, there isn’t much going on here. The weather is cold and rather dull, and there isn’t much to do in Deadville on the best of days, so we stuck our boots on and took the dogs for a walk.

DSCF5181 (2) (800x451)

We didn’t go far (who would with three small kids and two dogs, on foot?). Just to the local community centre playing field. There isn’t a lot to play with, but its good enough for today.

DSCF5214 (2) (800x436)

I’m not very Pro, even with a Fuji X, but its fun to test a camera in any situation. This one in particular, because being a ‘retro’ model a lot of the controls are physical; dials for exp comp and shutter speed etc. I’m sure these parameters can be modified or set through the camera menus, it is a digital camera after all, but that’ll take some learnin’.

DSCF5167 (2) (505x800)

I read somewhere that it can take a thousand shots to become ofey with a different camera. So I will check back next week when that number’s up 😉

DSCF5143 (2) (451x800)

So far I know that the IQ is very good, the files have a velvety appeal that im not used to, being more accustomed to the crisp, contrasty files of the Sony NEX and m43 models. For once I have to increase clarity in Lightroom, rather than decrease it.

DSCF5197 (2) (577x800)

I’m not sure why I settled on the Fuji XPro 1 over all the other cameras I have tried. It just seems simple. The size is in-between DSLR and other MILC’s (thanks Claire for this description), the AF is vastly improved over a previous Fuji X model I tried, faster I think than the Sony NEX by now.

DSCF5131 (2)-Edit (451x800)

The lenses are very good quality and there is a slightly better lineup (for my uses) than Sony, although still lagging behind M43.

DSCF5137 (2) (451x800)

And, the support Fuji give their older models is second to none. Firmware updates are rolled out for all cameras in the series, so whilst the XPro is the oldest kid in school, it still gets the same improvements as the youngsters. Ok, so newer models WILL have newer features that aren’t implemented here, but you can’t have it all.

DSCF5155 (2)-Edit (800x501)

Well, not all at once.



One comment on “X-Pro Y’Kno

  1. marla2008 says:

    A few things : first, you don’t need no bloody thousand files, those show you’re making that baby sing, as is.
    Second, the Fuji lens line up is NOT behind m4/3. In numbers, maybe, but in quality and usefulness ? Let’s not even talk about it 😉
    And third ? Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures, you and the new guy are getting along JUST great. Keep the images coming !

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