Rinse And Repeat

So, I will repeat myself again, just in case you missed it the first (second and third) time.


untitled-12 (736x1024)

untitled-5 (1024x1024)

Ok, we have discussed many times the importance of camera output, of Image Quality (IQ). Occasionally we may have quietly suggested that other factors are important too – lens lineup, body style and button placement, AF speed and, of course, cost.

So I will ask now, quite loudly, is image quality the most important thing?


untitled-8 (1024x1024)

untitled-11 (790x1024)

For me – it appears not. I have standards when it comes to ISO performance, dynamic range and colour depth, but having tried some excellent cameras (D800 im looking at you) I can safely say that a number of things rate just as highly.

The ability to get the shot, AF speed, flippy screen, good control layout, camera size and lens lineup probably feature above outright IQ, although I wouldn’t ditch MILC or DSPR for a point and shoot or superzoom because these features were aplenty.


untitled (1024x1024)


Sony NEX, Panny G6, Nikon D800 (My favourite 3) and other cameras in these formats work for me, but, ultimately, it’s about what the individual wants to work WITH.

untitled-9 (1024x1024)



5 comments on “Rinse And Repeat

  1. marla2008 says:

    Wether IQ is first and foremost only depends on YOU. Any camera, like any spouse, is a matter of compromise, what qualities do you prize, and most importantly, what flaws can you live with !? As long as you know the answers and chose accordingly, you’ll be fine.

  2. Having fun is what matter. This is a hobby after all!!!!

    Totally love the last picture

  3. Thanks Laurent, i am, at present, having a lot of fun! The last pic is from the Panny G6. It seems that m43 may be right up your alley. 🙂

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