Digital Analogue Days

Ok. Strictly speaking one cannot be t’other as well. But it’s popular these days to dress one up as the other.

P1040129 (2)-Edit-2 (1024x768)

 But my Nik software recently added ‘Analogue Pro’ filters to the Nik Collection I bought a while bag.

ty (1024x1024)

Woohoo, more editing fun.

untitled-19 (1024x1024)

Fun for me that is.



2 comments on “Digital Analogue Days

  1. marla2008 says:

    Yeah, well…
    Aside from the editing, which I’d rather not discuss, all being a matter of taste, it’s funny that you actually show a Fuji X Pro one on top, because Fuji has been crazy successful at doing exactly that : dressing up a digital camera as an analog one. It served thems so well that Olympus, and now Nikon, started following. Even Sony which is progress and modernity driven, couldn’t resist logding the large EVF of its latest digital wonder in a retro looking “hump”.
    All of those cameras are trying to look like film ones, but behaving as what they really are, digital, which creates some operational faux pas at times, but what wouldn’t we do for a little hip design, right ?

  2. I show the xpro image as your points are exactly what sprung to mind. Isnt it so trendy to be old school now!

    I consider editing a matter of preference rather than taste in the strictest sense, as it is hugely subjective. I was having fun trying the new presets.


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