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Trawling through camera specs is a bit like trawling through quicksand, just when you think you’re getting somewhere something announces itself and puts the mockers on it. In the case of the Olymous OMD, which I thought fantastic, and still do, all the filters were great, the sharpness unsurpassed etc.

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But I hadn’t actually tried a STANDARD portrait, without in camera gimmickry or post processing wackiness. It was a bit of a bummer. The skin tones didn’t render the way I would like at all, in fact it kinda made the subject unattractive, it was so harsh and contrasty, not a smooth transition in sight.

untitled-6 (845x1024) (845x1024)

Of course, if I decided to go this route it could all be taken care of in PP meaning extra work, extra time and the disappointment of not seeing an image pop up in playback that gives immediate gratification. But, potentially this is still an option, as the system size, is very compelling.

_DSC0778 (2) (819x1024) (819x1024)

A friend mentioned recently in her blog post( about the quest for the photographic holy grail, and suggested sticking to the camera that ticked MOST of the boxes, the more important boxes and not worrying about the ‘better’ camera. Which is absolutely stellar advice.

untitled-2 (1024x683) (1024x683)

For me the top qualities would be good AF, sharpness, IQ and affordable lens selection. There are many others, ISO performance, metering and dynamic range, colour depth and rendering, but, you simply cannot have it all. Not on a budget. (Kira wearing most of a chocolate mini roll)

untitled-12 (683x874) (683x874)

What I realized in the last week or so was that actually the thing that is top of my list is an SOOC image that I actually like and that this is actually a hugely subjective area.

untitled-8 (683x1024) (683x1024)

What made me realize this? …………..The Canon 6D.  I realized that I wasn’t actually after camera perfection, I had probably found it many times over, but, that I didn’t actually trust my own judgement. On a forum someone would imply that camera A wasn’t as good as camera B, a friend would state a preference for images from camera D over camera C and I bow to those more experienced, knowledgable and talented.

untitled-10 (683x1024)

Until now. Until The Canon vs Nikon dilemma came to the fore.  They are the camera giants, we all know that. And when comparing cameras such as the Canon 6D to the Nikon D600 you will hear or read time and again ‘You can’t go wrong with either of them, they are both equally good’. And you would be right. But i’m equally sure that apples are as tasty as oranges, but let’s face it, they are completely different fruits.

The 6D is superb in many ways, in every way actually, except for one. Of the good number of images I have taken with it I actually like only one of them, literally just one. This one:

untitled-4 (683x1024)

Enter the D800 (or D7100 or D600) and the images thrill me more often than not. I love the colours, the contrast, the rendering as a whole, even without adjustments.     The metering is a bit wonky, the menus are mind boggling and the bloody thing is gi-massive, as my 4 year old says (the 6D toy like in comparison). Also, with any DSLR and a fast lens, keepers are much thinner on the ground. The number of OOF shots will increase with sensor size, which is why point and shoot or m43 format cameras tend to yield the higest number of in focus/sharp shots. A PITA, but a fact nonetheless.

untitled-13 (1024x500)

But, what can I say?

untitled-4 (699x1024) (699x1024)

I hear the fat lady singing softly somewhere in the background.



2 comments on “GearCentricity

  1. marla2008 says:

    If the D8 is the one for you, let it be. Sometimes rationale is beaten by emotion, it’s usually the case in my choice of cameras. It doesn’t matter what reviews or people or even friends or family say about anything, focus on what feels right for you. And you’ll know…

  2. I think my view of this particular camera is is more logic and less emotion than numerous others I have tried. I love the output from 007 and 006, 008 takes the cake. If I were driven by form, (huh hmm) it would be OMD, driven by emotion, Sony MILC hands down. But IQ?? This is where it’s at for me, compromises an’ all.

    I just wonder how close can I get with 007?


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