You Make Your Own Bed


The list is thoroughly exhausted. Not cameras per se, there are hundreds to choose from. But formats: Full frame, APSC, small sensors (point and shoots) and now micro four thirds. There are a couple more, medium format and true film, but im not going there.


The most important thing I have learnt in my camera odyssey is that ALL are truly capable and even brilliant in reality. There may seem to be huge technical differences between sensors, and even brands and models within the same format.


But in the real world, unless youre a pixel peeper or a pro, the differences amount to very little. You can stalk the forums and peruse the studio scene comparisons or test data to your hearts content, but almost any of the cameras out there will get the job done, and admirably so (don’t quote me on that).


You may find that one thing means more to you than it does to someone else, depending on your style of shooting or just personal preference.


I for one loved the Nikon D7100, but initially not the D600. Technical results would suggest that as ludicrous.


On paper the Canon 6D should be outperformed by the Nikon D600. In the real world? I’ve heard the opposite as truth.


Today, my post consists of pictures solely from the Olympus OMD EM5 – a micro four thirds camera (m43). Purportedly the best this format had to offer until the last couple of weeks,  since when new bodies have been introduced by Panasonic and Olympus alike.


The ups:  the sharpness is unsurpassed by any other camera I have tested. AF accuracy seems higher than most others too (the G6 was similar in both these terms). White balance and metering very accurate and…………it is tiny.


The menu has been slagged off and slagged off again, but I found that once I had located the SCP in the menu the whole thing could be navigated easily by anyone, learning or artistically challenged alike.


The down – if it can be called such given its virtues – there is a coarsenss to the images. A lack of smooth transitions between light and shadow and also a lack of subtlety in the colours. I am sure a lot of this can be ironed out with in camera tweaking and post processing in Lightroom or somesuch,  I’ve had fun editing the pix from this series and indeed, I am certainly not displeased with the results. But, with APSC and FF the output seems more natural to my eye, less clinical. The G6 seemed less coarse, though others suggest that its jPEG engine is shite in comparison to the Oly I personally did not see that.


My advice? Research your camera, choose the one that you like best, that ticks the most boxes for your needs and stick with it.


Choice and indecision make happy bedfellows, not.




5 comments on “You Make Your Own Bed

  1. marla2008 says:

    The two Kira shots and the grainy B&W Ty are my favorite. That close-up clock shot is nothing short of genius. The first Kira portrait is world class as well, and weirdly enough I love the editing of all cited above.
    You’re a good photographer. Not the most sutdious technician I’ve met (lol) but your gift is such you can affort to skip the homework.
    Hmm, would that make me a bit envious ? You bet it does !

  2. Ah thanks, that has made my day. I thought you wouldn’t like them! The output from the camera is really very good, getting there seems tedious. The buttons are a tad squishy, but really its a very useable, quality camera.

    So whaddaya reckon? A keeper? (Figuritively speaking, as its not mine!)

  3. marla2008 says:

    Only you can tell, you know I’m not keen on m4/3 myself…

  4. laurent says:

    Sorry i forgot the name of your kids, but #1 and #11 are brilliant, and I am quite certain you would have managed the same shots with all the camera’s you named/tried lately. The OMD seems like a dream camera for me, too bad I don’t have the dough for it.

  5. Hi Laurent, thanks for your flattering comments. Those are pics of my youngest, Kira. In all honesty apart from a couple of features I found the G6 equally as pleasing. In some respects more so…..namely price, it is a fair bit cheaper and that’s with the two zooms lenses I used exclusively in my posts ‘Point & shoot me in the right direction’ and ‘now the party is over’.Now if I can get my head around the sensor size (the snobbery issue) i’d be set 🙂

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