Last Of The Summer White

IMGP0980 (2)-Edit (800x507)

Time to break out the Red then!

DSC00544 (2)-Edit (532x800)

The first thing I heard this morning was Sian informing us all that today was the last time we would experience temperatures above usual for the time of year.

IMGP0222 (2) (800x530)

It’s been glorious.

photo (2)-Edit (600x800)

And now it’s over 😦

DSC00298 (2) (532x800)

I wanted to post some photos to remind of the summer we are saying goodbye to, but hundreds of them are in external hard drive limbo – possibly forever, since the drive packed up on me recently.

IMGP0054 (2)-Edit-Edit (800x530)

So I trawled through what I have on my laptop.

A little random.

DSC02578 (2)-Edit (530x800)

Here and there.

3 (800x530)

From various cameras (though mostly the Pentax K30 surprisingly)

DSC00761 (2)-Edit (532x800)

The four seasons sound good in theory, but me personally, I would have summer all year round.

IMGP0989 (2)-Edit (800x544)

It was fabulous (apart from the bits that weren’t quite so) and it’s a shame to see it end.

IMGP0960 (2) (800x530)

I hope you enjoyed your summer too.

IMGP0209 (2) (800x514) (800x514)



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