The Jury Is Out

DSC_0976 (2) (800x491)

Well, sort of.


In all the testing, reviewing, returning and selling of camera gear one thing that has come to light is that there is really very little separating most of these cameras from each other. Some will best others in one area by quite a margin, but in other areas it could be the other way around or a difference of negligible proportions.

IMG_0701 (2) (521x1024)

Something else I have come to realize is that the cameras I have decided are my favourites are not necessarily the latest, biggest or bestest out there right now.


I have found something to like in almost all (except Sammy, again), sometimes features  I wish other brands or models have had.

IMG_0165 (2) (477x500)

And that is the beautiful thing. You can’t really go wrong.


I had the mighty Canon 6D for an evening with the fantastic plastic 50mm f1.8. It is an awesome camera, really light given its FF sensor and I DO wish that Q menu was present in Nikon bodies (I have never, before Nikon, had to consult the manual, or ask a friend, regarding changing basic camera settings).

IMG_0269 (2) (500x333)

But, having compared it’s files to the Nikon D7100, which I prefer over its full frame sibling the D600, and also to various Sony NEX files (3n & 7), whilst I certainly don’t find it lacking it doesn’t really stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

IMG_0620 (2) (500x333)

It should, for double, triple, maybe quadruple the money.

DSC03339 (2) (640x495)

To others it may, but I gotta say that to me the D7100 reigns supreme, and the NEX is hot on his heels  although all that may change in the next week or so with announcements from Camp Sony!

DSC03321 (2)-Edit (332x500)

I promise to resume wacky editing shortly, hehe,



4 comments on “The Jury Is Out

  1. marla2008 says:

    The break from wacky editing can last a bit longer AFAIC 😉
    Regrading cameras today it’s more about features, handling and bonding than it is about output. Even within the same family of cameras. My NEX 6 has better output yet it’s the 7 I naturally reach to. Some cameras have blown me for their ouptut, EOS 1D MkII and D700 come to mind, along with the NEX family. Those are the cams that really made me WOW. But if I were to rank impact by importance I would say optics matter more than sensors. I’ll take an older Canon Rebel with a fast macro prime anyday over a spanking new NEX 6 with 16-50 kit zoom…
    AND, the biggest, and bar far most important, variable of them all, remains who’s behind the camera… then behind the computer. Once one has mastered the basic concepts of photographic *capture”, one is well inspired to get themselves into proper editing 😉

  2. I absolutely agree (not about the editing), it is the portraitblographer which makes the difference. Thus far, since my journey begun, nothing has really beaten the 7 for me, until the D came along. And I would be hard pressed to choose between them, except in terms of a complete system Nikon wins by a country mile. But Nik have had decades worth of advantage. The NEX system is a mere pup in comparison. 🙂

  3. laurent says:

    Like the last picture, like the editing, wacky or not! Are you already blacklisted by Amazon, for returning all those cameras?

    • Ha-ha, no. To be fair Laurent I only ever buy from Amazon Warehouse, so the product is used already, and I buy plenty of other stuff from them that DOESN’T get returned. Plus, the return policy is just that, an across the board policy that doesn’t discriminate against ritual returners.

      I have now ordered the D7100 again, and as long as the unit is as good as the last one I won’t be returning it. Its been a long road to the right camera, but I reckon i’m finally there.

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