Some Whisper, Others Shout.

P1010707 (2) (500x500)

Currently comparing a Sony NEX 3n with an APSC sized sensor, to a Panasonic G6, which sports a Micro four thirds sensor.

DSC02687 (2) (500x332)

There should be notable differences between the two in terms of dynamic range, colour depth, noise performance and general image quality.

Here’s the rub – I just don’t see it.

P1010888 (2) (640x640) (428x428)

Now, that’s not a bad thing, and there may be many reasons for that – my monitor is of standard laptop resolution (read crap), and secondly I am no expert in these matters. I can fire up the DPR studio comparometer thingy me jiggy, compare various cameras and give an opinion, but in real life everyday testing I gotta say, the differences (to me) are minimal.

P1010495 (2)-2 (500x500)

I admit to being an APSC snob – the idea of paying close to 1k for a M43 body, zoom and prime lens seems absurd. Sh!t I can get a K30 with the same set up for cheaper. I can almost get a Nikon D7100 with the 50mm 1.4 and a crappy third party zoom for the same money.

P1010576 (3)-2 (500x500)

So why would I?

To be fair, the Panny’s have a fantastic UI, really user friendly (listen up Sony, listen even harder Olympus!). Great touch screen, touch to focus and shoot etc. Great EVF. Lots and lots of lenses (you again Sony)Β  and as of right now, the most important thing, the bodies are TINY. The G6 fits in my palm, even with an external flash attached it doesn’t weigh much. I would need forearms like Arnie to hold a D7100 or K30 like that, and the Pentax is considered diminutive for a DSLR.

P1010060 (2)-2 (500x500)

So why wouldn’t I?

I’m a snob.

P1020031 (2) (640x640) (500x500) (500x500)

P.S Pretty much every pic in this ‘episode’ is UNPROCESSED. Sh!t, even I can hardly believe it!



5 comments on “Some Whisper, Others Shout.

  1. marla2008 says:

    Well you can’t see the difference. Personally, I can. Very much so. Does it mean you sould throw the G6 behind your shoulder and run back to APS-C ? Absolutely NOT.
    m4/3 is a brilliant compromise for size/weight vs. IQ, and throw lens selection and great operation (of Panny cameras, Oly UI being just hateful) on top and you have very compelling reasons to stay with the smaller system. As you noted, it’s not cheap though. Me STILL think you might wanna try a NEX 6 and/or LA-EA2. Just saying tho πŸ˜‰

  2. tracy says:

    I do see differences, but i expected them to be great enough that id want to chuck the G6 and head straight back to apsc. But, as you pointed out, m43 offers much in the way of compromise, and in ways that the likes of the Q or Nikon 1 possibly cannot. They all cost more than they should. Apsc offers great value bodies and lenses if you care to look for them, and if you’re happy with the bulk. Until recently i was. Now im not so sure. πŸ™‚

  3. laurent says:

    Possibly the sexiest camera on the planet, although I am always biased toward Pana, my first digital love (I am married to Canon now, a very cold, calculated and arranged marriage). In my eyes (remember I am a a rookie, so my opinion is worth very little) all those camera differs by only a few percent….so pick the one that is the most fun for you to shoot with!!!!!

    The third picture of the little girl is great

  4. You think so Laurent? I admit I do like the Panny very much, its feature set is fantastic. I just had the Canon 6D for one day, great camera, def not my cup of tea I don’t think, but love the Q menu (and the IQ of course).

    That pic of Kira is my favourite of the set πŸ™‚

  5. Oh, and I am thankful for your opinion, I am a rookie also πŸ˜‰

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