caseyclr (800x532)

For some it is about capturing the moment, all natural and as if it were happening right then and then. (Ok, I envy that).

IMGP0223 (2)-Edit

But, for me it is about something else. What? I don’t quite know. I know it when I see it (and others may not).

tyb&w (533x800)

I don’t give a s**t if the highlights are blown or the shadows  block fine detail. I don’t really worry if there is chroma noise or the WB isn’t optimal and the colour a little wonky. (Sometimes I like that).

untitled-2 (428x677)

Quite simply I like what I like. I like it if others like it too, but as I’m not a professional and don’t make money out of photography I don’t need to focus on anyone else’s wishes and can be as wacky or as dull as I please.

untitled-12 (640x427)

Obviously, along the way constructive criticism is welcome. it is nice to see where other people find fault, which can be addressed or not. As much as it is important to cultivate one’s own style, it is also important to take advice and keep on learning.

untitled-6 (800x533)

My photography is defined by my limitations.

caseyb&w (800x532)

That’s my cuppa tea. I’m stickin’ with it.




4 comments on “YMMV

  1. marla2008 says:

    And dang, you just did it again ! (last Casey shot, straight to my gut). Tracy you just nailed the beauty of being a hobbyist. I don’t care for about half the picts in this post and it’s great because :
    1) I guess that’s exactly your point. You love some stuff that others won’t, and
    2) I’m head over heels about the other half (Casey in black skirt, Ty’s hand in the foreground, and the last portrait).
    As amateurs we don’t need to please anybody but ourselves, and that’s a luxury pros and wannabes can’t afford. Trust me, as someone who does higlhly maligned “family photography”, that is priceless. I do what I do the way I do it, and when I get shitted on (more often than not), I just smile and keep on doing it. Yet I’m my own toughest critic, in a way. You have the eye, it’s there. With you it comes in sudden and brutal accesses of genius rather than in a more mundane but constant flow of greatness. That’s fine by me, I must love those surprise kicks in the gut.

  2. Haha, thanks Claire. I think you nailed it, I struggle with largely average images, but am happy that the odd one gives me something. They are the ones that matter, and they are the reason I couldn’t be a photographer – not enough keepers.

    Im surprised you like the one of Casey in the black skirt, given the colour processing, but it appeals to me for it’s oddness.

    The one I like best is the last one. That image is the reason I penned this post, as the highlights are pretty brutal and the shadows blocky, but I think that actually lends to the mood of the image. If I posted it on the usual website it would be shot down in flames.


  3. laurent says:

    I think I like the fourth one best. The colors of the blurry background that are matching the color/tone of the shirt. Possibly, I could imagine that a square crop of that picture would work well too, but this is just the humble opinion of a beginner hobbyist who does not know crap.

    “My photography is defined by my limitations”…boy I like those words….

  4. tracy says:

    Hi Laurent, sorry for delay, my notifications thingy got a bit messed up! I too like that picture, but i am a fan of wonky editing (claire will agree). Glad you like my new motto, it puts a postive spin on my weakest images 😀

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