It’s The Little Things

untitled-11 (640x427)
So, another brand, another camera, another round of lens choices. Sigh. Yes, it’s getting wearisome. But, as the title suggests it is the little things that can make or break a choice in this regard.

untitled-3 (640x427)

Pentax deliver excellent cameras, sensors and lenses. The bugbear? lens prices and slightly odd focal lengths and apertures. That was the undoing for me, I don’t want to pay double (triple) for a 43mm F1.9 than I would for a 50mm F1.8 just because it’s Pentax. Leica it ain’t.

untitled-5 (476x366)

Anyway, with Pentax I was very fond of the Sigma 70mm F2.8 Macro as seen here:


I decided to road test the Sigma 105mm F2.8 macro in Nikon fit and, as with the 70mm, it is stellar.

untitled-2 (627x640)

Of course it is a dedicated macro lens, but it is reasonably versatile and can be used indoors for portrait (with flash mostly) or outdoors as a walkabout lens, though I would advocate using the focus limiter to prevent it racking through the whole focal range every time an eyelash quivers.

DSC_1375 (2) (427x640)

I find I get more keepers than with the 70mm. The images are sharp as, the contrast and colour are great too. Did I leave something out??

untitled-3 (640x427)

All in all I think it’s fantastic, I knew I would. It isn’t the lens I question at this point. It is whether Nikon is the system for me.

untitled-9 (640x418)

Why would it not be? There are great bodies available, great lenses at good prices and an excellent flash system to compliment.

untitled-12 (640x427)

The problem? It still isn’t a Sony.

DSC_1192 (2) (640x427)



2 comments on “It’s The Little Things

  1. marla2008 says:

    Ah ah ah. I remember lamenting not falling in love with the very excellent D90 (the grand-daddy of your D7100), and just wishing it had a thumbwheel in the back and a Canon logo on the front !
    Everything is a compromise. There is no perfect camera. If you don’t feel *totally* comfortable with it, don’t keep it. It’s too expensive to love only halfway. Nikon ain’t going anywhere, there will still be plenty of (getting cheaper by the week) D7100 out there later on should you decide you can’t live without one. Maybe stick to your NEX for a while and see how you feel ??

  2. laurent says:

    Boy, that last picture is incredibly cute.

    Hope you will find your true (camera) love soon….

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