Dino-Snore Adventure

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I’ve made no secret that I am soon to be retiring from the day trippers circuit. it has been a beautiful summer and we have been to (many) lovely places, the kids have had a blast and they are now ready to return to respective schools and nurseries. Hubby is going back to work shortly thereafter and us mums can hang up our sun hats and return to being Ladies Wot Lunch. Yay!

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The last, well, maybe one before last, trip was centred around Max and Ty’s birthdays, which are within days of each other. Whether they like it or not they are lumped together every year, this year no exception, although we seem to have celebrated for about a fortnight.

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Dinosaur Adventure park, somewhere north of Norwich was the destination and an attractive one at that. the weather was perfect, hasn’t it been all summer?

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The park is another sibling to Banham Zoo and Africa Alive and is similar to a Zoo, but without animals. Actually that is a fib, it does have animals; sheep, chickens, gerbils and I think I saw a fluffy white rabbit too.

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A lot of what makes up the attractions so to speak are plenty of man made dinosaur models. They are suggestive of the size the real dinosaurs would’ve been and kids have a ball climbing all over them – though Chris took the time to loudly exclaim that this was in fact prohibited. So our kids didn’t, aren’t we mean?!

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There are trails to follow, stamps to collect resulting in a medal, shows including sheep dog trials, feeding the animals and jeep excursions around the park.

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There are also large areas dedicated to all sorts of play equipment and I imagine that kids from wee to teen could happily spend a day in these parts without  claiming boredom.

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We really did have a nice day. Our three smaller children all left clutching a dinosaur toy each and were snoring by the time the car left the park gates.

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Happy Birthday Boys XX


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