Meet The Millers…

……and  the Pentax K30. Testing, testing…

IMGP0090 (2)

(Thank you for the pretty flowers Mrs M). Well, this is the second time I’ve had the K30 actually, but this time i’m keeping it, I am officially a Pentaxian.

IMGP0035 (2)-Edit

I had another go round with the esteemed (and expensive) D600 and again inspiration failed me. I’m not knocking it, it is amazing, but once again I think I am just not ready, or able, to get from it what I believe the cost suggests that I should.

IMGP0041 (2)-Edit

Anyway, today a fabulous time was had. Glorious weather, a bite to eat and great company:

Mr Miller – looking happy

IMGP0036 (2)-Edit

Mrs Miller – looking very happy!

IMGP0004 (2)-Edit

The Young Lady Miller


and handsome Master Miller

IMGP0022 (2)-Edit

Donkey’s years long friends to Chris and now good family friends to us.

The kids had a whale of a time, honestly, they were filthy and stuffed full of sweets, lollies, crisps and other essential childhood food items by day’s end.  Hopefully happy, and more hopefully knackered!

IMGP0060 (2)-Edit



3 comments on “Meet The Millers…

  1. marla2008 says:

    Holy cow, those are beautiful people !! And gracefully captured by the mighty K30, too. Welcome to the P world, I onced lived there and it’s a cool place to be. I’ll stay in Sonyland a bit more, it can be rugged country but I love the scenery 😉

  2. laurent says:

    I think all major DSLR brands are probably equivalent in my inexperienced hands, but the lenses offer of the K-mount (and in body stabilization) is a major, major plus.

    Canonland is great and wide, albeit a tiny bit boring sometimes.

    The first Black and White portrait is really nice.

  3. Laurent, i think im in the same boat, the camera is only as good as the person behind it, and for me, i couldn’t get any better from the D600 than from the K30. It is also about ‘feel’ and so far, in the year i have been photographing, only Sony and Pentax have given me that. 🙂

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