Day Trippin’ Out (Guest Editor – Sasha J. Harding)


Ok, one more day trip and I’m about ready to end it all.


The seaside, Banham Zoo, Africa Alive (also the Zoo), camping, shopping, swimming, you catch my drift?


This past Monday we spent the day at High Lodge, Thetford Forest. It was one of the better days for me as it was a little more restful, a little less busy and we managed not to lose a single child.


The dog came with, finally recovered from surgery after the gold ball incident.


I shouldn’t complain, and in reality i’m not complaining at all. it is the summer holidays and the kids need entertaining.


 Luckily, the weather has been kind and we have been able to enjoy mostly outdoor pursuits.


But, is this the stuff of recuperation?


Er……I don’t think so. Rock on September!



P.S Sasha has used The Chromebook extensively this week and edited lots of pics using web based apps such as Pixlr Express, iPiccy  and Funky something or other.


5 comments on “Day Trippin’ Out (Guest Editor – Sasha J. Harding)

  1. marla2008 says:

    Great that you all got to enjoy a family reunion, and very touching to see all the warm and hugging pictures, made my sentimental self all mellow 😉 Sasha did a good job on the editing and it’s awesome that you did a collective work on those !

  2. laurent says:

    I really like the little boy on the last picture and the teenager with the white hat. I see a trend, I tend to like your B&W s quite a lot

  3. Thanks Laurent, I tend to favour strong contrast in my B&W photos. The girl in the hat is my stepdaughter, sasha, who edited some of these pics, and the boy is my son Ty. I do like editing, which is an acquired taste I think in photography. I so like natural also, but the photos really have to be good then! 🙂

  4. laurent says:

    I don’t even own a computer (I am constantly borrowing my wife’s, or my desktop at my office), so I use online editing softwares. Pixlr Express seems great, but It crashed a few times on me ( I think you mentioned that issue on a previous post). Right now, I am preferring the Flickr editing software. Not very fancy, but good enough for me, very stable, and pictures are saved in flickr directly (and, cheap as I am, I can’t help but love the one free TB of storage).

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