A Day At The Zulu

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We go to the Zoo. A lot. We have season tickets (are you as excited as I am??…….I’ll bet) and have had for about the last three years.

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A season ticket has, in past years, offered half price entry to Africa Alive and Dinosaur World. This year, entry to these parks is free, Yippee. (do you read the sarcasm?)

So, we took a day trip to Africa Alive. A beautiful day, a picnic, and a ‘less’ visited destination. Pretty good so far.

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I must confess, I was so uninspired at the idea of the trip that I took maybe TWO photos of any of the animals. We go to the Zoo often enough that there really is not much point. Lots of cages, sleeping animals and plenty of Lemurs (or Owls if you’re at Banham). I already have these photos, and never look at them.

But, the day did get a little more inspired. From whichever point in the park we were in there came the sound of drums, not Fleetwood Mac style, a little more primitive, a little more um Bongo Bongo (Chris thinks he is funny, in light of recent news items), a little more somethin’ somethin’ in my book.

DSC01622 (2) (532x800)_HDR_2-Edit

We headed over to find a small area with a ‘troupe’ of Zulu’s performing. Performing what? I dont really know. Dance, drums, lots of stylised tribal shouting. It was pretty cool, the boys were riveted.

DSC01610 (2) (800x532)_HDR

After the show, the troupe members were happy to partake in photos, then it was on with the rest of the day.

DSC01651 (2) (532x800)-Edit

Picnic lunch, playground, a general wander taking in the various animals etc.

DSC01753 (2) (532x800)-Edit

It was pleasant, the weather was gorgeous, the kids enjoyed it.

DSC01778 (2) (532x800)-Edit

We went home and opened a bottle of Vin Ordinaire. We enjoyed that 😉


One comment on “A Day At The Zulu

  1. marla2008 says:

    The zulu drum player is stunning. Lots of excellent other ones, too. Well done !

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