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Not the band, neither the verb, but the noun (hmm….or is that the other way round?)

I have said before that my variety of subjects, photographically speaking, is limited. Mostly to one, occasionally two or three others, largely incompliant.

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I mentioned yesterday to a visiting friend that I am hesitant to whip a camera out and start taking pics of guests and especially their children. Largely because people are very camera aware and its hard to catch natural portraits of people, especially flattering ones, in this way. Children are less camera aware than they are camera uninterested. Less than keen to stay still long enough to catch one frame, let alone the dozens (hundreds) I like to be able to choose from. Some are excellent models and most are photogenic but I don’t really move fast enough to keep up or to change settings in relation to such speed.

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So, back to my age old, ok, year old, problem. Variety. Casey is still my main subject and I try different things to make the pictures different from those I have taken before. My most comfortable style of shooting is sort of ‘studio’. Posed, head and shoulders, with various accessories, lighting (hand made) and stages.

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I would like to b able to shoot ‘lifestyle’ or ‘environmental’ portrait, as my friend and fellow portraitist Claire does, of – with such skill and flair.

I have tried, it doesn’t happen, at least not successfully.

DSC01119 (2)-Edit-2

I will keep on practising, as I think this kind of shooting is the key to variety, it enables the photographer to shoot any number or array of subjects in any place, under various conditions.

I hope its an amateur failing, one which can be surpassed with effort and attention. Until such time, Casey edits will have to suffice.

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7 comments on “Muse

  1. marla2008 says:

    You know how much that first B@W shot whips my @ss. Leaves me speechless. I’d give all the “environmental portrait” crap to be able to pull a single one like this. In the meanwhile, Casey has always brought the best in your photographic self, indeed. Having a muse is certainly a blessing. Now if you just gave up (most of) the selective color scheme, lol…

  2. Haha. I know you dislike selective colour, but i took all photos in the same ten minutes. Thank you for your complimentary words, you too have a muse and all the following years to capture. I admit, without Casey I would no doubt be portraitblography less! Hope you didnt mind the link 😉

  3. marla2008 says:

    NAh, silly you, I linked to this page a couple of posts ago 😉

  4. laurent says:

    Ola, I came here through Claire’s Blog. Totally love pic #1 and #3. Your style is obviously very different, but just as successful. Makes me start a reflection on my own style and skills..

    • Hi Laurent, thank you for stopping by and for your generous comments. You are right, Claire and I have very different styles, whilst both essentially being portraitists. What style of photography do you yourself favour? 🙂

      • laurent says:

        Well, I am still new in this world, since I bought my first “serious” camera only 7 months ago, after the birth of my daughter (I spend quite a bit of time using bridge cameras before that, mostly to shoot pictures of birds, which is my hobby/passion/obsession), and I am using that camera mostly to shoot family pics, so I guess I can also call myself a portrait photographer too.But, thinking about it, my style is probably rather Darwinian : the only pictures that survive my cut are not often the ones I wish I would have taken. So my results are, in average, more the consequences of my deficiencies than my real skills. Sounds a bit depressing if I think about it.

        I don’ t have a blog, but usually stores my pictures in flickr:

        I am french, and live in Michigan, USA

  5. Your set is absolutely fantastic Laurent!! Beautiful pictures of your children, and in the style I find most difficult to achieve. I love the ‘in the moment’ style you and Claire pull off so seamlessly; I am a tad jealous. If these are the consequence of deficiency, the consequence of your proficiency must be masterpieces indeed 🙂

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