Back To Basics

DSC00702 (2)-Edit-2-2 (519x800)

Having exhausted my camera lust I find myself back where I started a little over a year ago. The first camera I had that produced anything remotely sensible was the Sony NEX 5n. I was blown away at the quality of the images and couldn’t quite believe I had finally managed a decent shot or two.

DSC00758 (2)-Edit (640x425)

Many, many, many camera brands and formats later I now have only one camera, a Sony NEX 3n. The budget baby of the NEX lineup, no bells or whistles, no frilly features. It’s a basic image making machine, and it does a perty fine job too.

IMGP0774 (2)-Edit (800x712)

I thought I had in mind a two camera setup, one small mirrorless compact to sling in a handbag, and a ‘proper’ camera – DSLR/SLT. Brands offer various features that the competition may not and whilst I liked something of each brand, nothing jumped out as ‘the one’.

IMGP1338 (2)-Edit (530x800)

So after much searching, testing, selling and returning I have decided to hang onto the little NEX as the compact option and take time to work out exactly what I really want/need from a DSLR………although there is one I have yet to try….

IMGP0659 (2)-Edit


2 comments on “Back To Basics

  1. marla2008 says:

    Oh yeah, Canon 6D here she comes !
    Tracy, truly, that first shot is touched by God, again (not that the other ones ain’t great, oh and please send me a slice of Chris biceps or two, lol). Sometimes I wish I was an art curator (like my younger sis). I could make en entire exhibition from the genius shots you’ve pulled so far. They’re all engraved in my brain and I know exactly what y selection would be. Brilliant stuff. You’re annoying 😉

  2. Honestly, you say the nicest things! I must say any successful image is, in part, down to the encouragement and advice you offer. Without being able to bounce all things photographic off of you I probably wouldn’t be taking pictures anymore, and most certainly would never have had a blog! I don’t know about you, but the hardest thing for me is trying to find ways to change it up, add art, to photos of the same few people. but, it is also what drives me. I see an idea and try to recreate it – 9/10 times I might fail, but for just that one shot I will persevere. 🙂

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