Happy Birthday Mummy……


….You look old!

Thanks Ty. Out of the mouth of babes, as I’ve heard said.

FEB01ME (2)

Anyway, today, I would like to wish a Happy 37th birthday to my sister Nichola; sharer of said birthday, womb, infancy, childhood etc.

We, Nix, are almost middle aged. When did that happen??!

The weather is beautiful and al is well, what more is there?

Mr H tapped me on the head (not the best way to wake me up) and presented me with a bottle of Fuzz (now that’s more like it). We aren’t quite at the Bubbly for Brekkie stage of alcohol dependency though…that’s for later.

IMGP0882 (3) (800x530)

But a thank you. For the kind words (no Ty, that doesn’t include you)

The bubbly – Ruth, Dan, and also Mr H.

IMGP0323 (3)

Ruth -You’re a Gorgeous Cow 😉

lippy2 (530x800)

The Roses – The Gracie’s

IMGP0894 (2) (800x639)

The Plant – Erin & Casey

IMGP0901 (2) (800x530)

The teddy – Max, Ty & Kira

IMGP0888 (2) (800x530)

The Frame – Mrs Whitehouse & Co.

frame3 (800x541)

To Nichola  – For sharing, always. XX


I don’t know which is me



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