David And Goliath

DSC_0085 (2) (640x427)-Edit (640x427) Well…..David hasn’t crashed this party yet so this is more Part 1 of 2. Before recent events I got rid of all my photo gear based on the fact that a) I might not be needing it after and b) I could buy anything I fancied should ‘a’ not be the case 🙂 DSC_1105 (2)-Edit (800x534) So, after mostly sticking with Sony over my first year of pursuing photography as a hobby I decided two things, I wanted to try a different brand and, that I wanted to go FF (full frame). I read quite a lot of articles, participate in various forums and talk to much more experienced photogs about such things as image quality, dynamic range, ISO performance, depth of field etc. The general view is that the bigger the sensor, the better all of these things will be and that will translate into better photos. Don’t underestimate the power of a poor photographer though.

DSC_0945 (2) (640x427)

The Nikon D600 is marketed as a consumer full frame camera and though it boasts a Sony designed sensor its an entirely different beast. I’ve never used an OVF so there was an experience straight off the bat. I’m used to the EVF of  the Sony Alpha and NEX line and the full time live view exposure; any changes you make to shutter speed, ISO, aperture, white balance or even creative style can be seen before you press the shutter. Awesome. DSC_0203 (2)-Edit (454x800) Other than the above the camera operates in a similar fashion, and though it seems so different it is undeniably a great piece of kit. I had it paired with the Nikkor  50mm 1.4g, bokeh-delish. On APSC sized sensors (smaller than full frame) a nifty-fifty is a standard focal length especially for portrait and as the crop factor is x 1.5  its full frame equivalent is 75mm so 50mm on a full frame is actually a little wider than I am used to, similar to  35mm on APSC. DSC_0640 (2) (640x363)-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit (640x363) I played for a few days and despite all the ravings about it I could not ‘bond’ with it. It inspired nothing creative and I don’t imagine I ended up with any images that did more than equal my APSC output on an average day. DSC_0411 (2)-Edit-Edit (800x534) In defence of the D600 the sharpness of the images was superb and the low light performance unrivalled by any fixed mirror and mirrorless Sony offerings currently available, but I still returned it and await the arrival (tomorrow) of the unique Sony RX1 – compact, fixed lens, fixed focal length, full frame all the way.

DSC_1088 (2)-Edit (800x494) The bottom line: My photographic heart still beats to the Sony drum………or at least it does for now 🙂

DSC_0531 (2)-Edit-Edit (651x800)


One comment on “David And Goliath

  1. marla2008 says:

    Go with whatever fly your skirt, as it’s the only path to great pictures. I personally think your talent can shine with any camera, but shoot those that inspire you the most.

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