Jack It Up….

If you like it loud. The noise is deafening.

Make that just plain ugly.

I admit, I’m struggling here. There are those who produce stunning images with a point and shoot or an iphone, I don’t count myself amongst them. Excluding the mighty Q (I am talking compact sensor, not necessarily compact size, cos the NEX beats ass there) me and the point and shoot as a duo are pretty shit.

IMG_0580 (2)_3

I DO need a decent sized sensor and a few quid in camera to make a decent picture and am not shamed by that fact. Casey on the other hand, as well as being ‘Deadville’s next top model’ can snap a ‘selfie’ with a BB and shoot me down in flames.


I must admit we had a little sing off earlier…..and sometimes Mama does know best.



2 comments on “Jack It Up….

  1. marla2008 says:

    Dear, you have yet t try the high end compacts… And you know I’m discounting the Q here, which I found a cutey p.o.s… You gotta try a proper Fuji X10 or Panny LX7, then we’ll talk 😉

  2. marla2008 says:

    BTW, nobody produces “stunning images” with *just* any phone. They have to be massaged to death in editing programs and come out corny as hell more often then not. Can you tell I hate cellphone photography and Instagram culture yet ?!

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