On Reflection

IMGP0248 (2)

We went to the Zoo….again. We go often as we have season tickets, and it is becoming a near teeth pulling experience. But, the kids love it. Today the little Q came along for the ride. And yes, I went  a little bonkers with the ‘Unicolour Bold’ setting 🙂

IMGP0176 (2)

I hit upon a snag, the weather. Now i’m not complaining about 20 degrees in the sun, gorgeous weather, beautiful day, perfect. Except for the camera. It works fantastically well as a mirror, reflects my image perfectly in these conditions, but as a camera it really is nigh on useless. Every shot here was taken blind.

IMGP0189 (2)

Couldn’t see a damn thing.

IMGP0195 (2)

I have to say that, despite this problem, the IQ still blows me away. All pics are straight out of camera JPEG’s, with no post processing (except the in camera kind of course).

IMGP0226 (2)

Now I know this is the curse of many a VF-less P & S camera and 9 months of the year (actually make that about 10.5) its not a problem, sunny ole England is rarely sunny…or dry.

IMGP0236 (2)

WIll it have me beating a hasty retreat back to the VF and tilty screen of the NEX 7 though…………..?

IMGP0251 (2)


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