Big Brother,Teeny Brother.

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I have been patient, awaiting the A77, but alas it seeems to have disappeared somewhere on the Sony Network 😦
Whats a girl to do?
Well, Ebay of course! (and a little Amazon thrown in for good measure)

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Aside from the A77 i have been looking for a ‘compact’ cam, we have a little camping trip coming up and who would lug a DSLT with them? Not me…..because I don’t have one…yet.

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So, i went shopping, but im easily swayed by a bargain, and before I knew it I had three cameras in my figurative shopping basket; Pentax K01 (not remotely compact, but on sale godammit!), Pentax Q and the Nikon V1.
The V1 is largely adored – I opened it all up, played with it for 5 minutes and promptly packed it up again…moving on.
The Q. I complained to a friend ‘it’s shit’, won’t focus properly, slow, i swear it faulty and I m returning it!’ Not before updating the firmware. And damn, its like a different camera. It works flawlessly, AF pretty snappy and focus is just fine. I really think I might keep it. It’s TINY, no bigger than my Iphone, or a packet of fags, whichever you prefer and could be the winner in my compact search.

IMGP0928 (2) (640x640)
The K01. Aah, now, I am WAITING….and waiting (Sony, if you are listening) for my A77, and, the K01 is not compact at all, it’s a DSLR that has been de-humped, so there is no (real) use having both. But, its bloody brilliant!Its a ginormous ‘Q’. Similar features to the Sony lineup, as in Focus Peaking, mounts legacy glass blah, blah, blah so why do I want to keep it? I dont know, i just do. Its great.

IMGP0547 (2)
But its not yellow, and that ain’t cool.

IMGP0918 (2) (640x640)


One comment on “Big Brother,Teeny Brother.

  1. marla2008 says:

    No NEX, no Casey ?!? Waaiiilllll…. Ok ok, you got me curious, jus ordered the Q. Wouldn’t touch the K-01 with a ten feet pole, let alone a yellow camera 😉

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