Tammy, I Think I Love You


I can see it now, my next door neighbour, Tammie, burning rubber all the way back up north based on the above title! DSC03345 (2) (333x640)

DSC03296 (2)

But, (no offense Tam) this new love in my life is the Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 zoom lens for my Sony A57.

DSC03317 (2)

I’ve wanted a constant aperture zoom for a while. The A57 kit lens is fine in terms of sharpness but very limited in terms of creative control. Primes, which I love, are great for portrait, but today we went toΒ  Aldeburgh, on the east coast. The weather was fabulous and it was the perfect opportunity to try out the new zoom.

DSC03264 (2)

DSC03267 (2)

DSC03262 (2)

I actually took very few portraits. I know nothing about landscape or street photography, but the amazing colour rendition, sharpness ans contrast of this lens had me snapping all sorts of things I personally wouldn’t normally take photos of. I am so impressed that NOT ONE of these pix has been processed in any way. We got home an hour ago, had a quick dinner, and i’m here, putting this post together. I really am that happy with it……and the weather….and the seaside….. of course. πŸ™‚

DSC03347 (2)


2 comments on “Tammy, I Think I Love You

  1. marla2008 says:

    Oohhh… You’re naughty ! (last shot). They are great. Didn’t I tell you how great Tammy was πŸ˜‰ ?? Now, bring on the portraits !! (I LOve the metal staircase, I knew you’d do flare wonders)

    • Ha ha, they had lots of boats….none with my name (obviously). One of my sisters is called Claire too.

      Honestly, I read that the Sony is better than the tammy, it must be amazing then!

      Is the sun shining in France? It’s the start of another gorgeous day here.


      Sent from my iPhone

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