The Sun Shines In Deadville

DSC02563 (2)

Ok, we don’t live in Deadville, but our village is aptly named relative to the grave, and thus we nickname it so!

DSC02318 (2)   DSC02401 (2)

The sun has finally blessed us with its appearance and we have enjoyed it.

DSC02396 (2)    DSC02329 (2)

The kids played in the garden for the first time this year, we went to the zoo over the weekend and today to the seaside (muggins here forgot the memory card though, oops)

DSC02486 (2)  DSC02361 (2) DSC02380 (2)

A few snaps, nothing creative, straigt out of camera JPEGs that a P & S could’ve handled, but gotta pay homage to the weather 🙂

DSC02347 (2)


One comment on “The Sun Shines In Deadville

  1. marla2008 says:

    LOVE the title, and loved the picture. The last one of Kira with the Dino is fantastic. But where is my Casey fix, huh ?

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