Fuji Woo Me


I have a Sony NEX 7 and A57, both fantastic, but there is a new(er) kid in town and I had an itch I was determined to scratch….called Fuji. 😉

Enter the XE-1. Gorgeous, retro styling, real manual controls, lovely clean images at high ISO’s and to top it off a fab 35mm f1.4 lens (the kit zoom is pretty nifty too).

DSCF4016 (2)-Edit
It lasted almost a week. Yes, the images were great, clean, colourful. Skin tones are rendered immaculately,but….the Fuji achilles heel, AF. It is, quite frankly, crap. The 35mm whirs away trying to lock on whether day or night, it  didn’t seem to make a difference. Im sure i would’ve grown accustomed to it, but the kids would probably have grown up and moved out by then!

So after loving the images and trying hard to overcome this shortcoming I decided that the NEX 7 i already have is a better fit for my needs. The AF on that ain’t great, but it’s a damn sight better!

The trouble is, its hard to forget something that produces such nice quiality and before long I was looking at the X100. Reduced to bargain basement prices I figured it was just a ‘compact’, not a system, so didnt require any seroius investment.
I eaglerly awaited delivery and was all agoo at its gorgeousness; snazzy in black with the leather case, lens hood and filters.

The party ended right there (sigh).

Within 5 minutes I could tell it was probably worse (for my uses) than the XE1. The X100 has to be switched to macro if you attempt focus within about 2 feet, and switched out again should your subject, or you move. Even then it only locks on about 50% of the time. Weirdly, it focussed very well in low light on inanimate subjects, which is where you imagine it would struggle.

DSCF4049 (2)-Edit      DSCF4012 (2)
For me it’s a use it or lose it situation. Within 24hrs I had it listed on The Bay and, as we speak, its winging its way to a new (and hopefully happy) owner.



One comment on “Fuji Woo Me

  1. marla2008 says:

    Sometimes a tool can be fantastic for someone, and crap for you. As great as the Fujis are, they’re just not working well for you (or me, for that matter). Looks aren’t everything. Faux retro is sleek but usablel AF and non neurotic camera behavior is priceless. There is a drive, creativity and panache in your NEX shots that none of those above possess. Sticks with that works for you. In other words, don’t mess up with a winning formula 😉

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