Who’s That Girl….?


I have five children, and three dogs. All of which I photograph routinely. Mostly, trying to photograph the little children, aged 4, 3 & 2 is a matter of stealth; they rarely pose unless bribed, or remain still, unless transfixed by the TV.

The oldest of the 5, Erin, is 16, not keen on being photographed and pulls the strangest faces if I try, akin to rabbit caught in the headlights. The camera isn’t particularly fond of Erin!

Casey, 12, on the other hand, is mostly willing. She doesn’t mind if I start snapping away mid conversation, mid anything in fact. She takes direction well and the camera seems to love her. In the flesh she is a perfectly lovely, ordinary tweenager. On camera she seems to become something else.


The difficulty with a small number of subjects to shoot, especially human, in less than diverse settings, is variety, mixing it up so to speak, which is where editing comes in.


I have Snapseed on my tablet, which is fantastic and I currently use this most of the time (having mislaid my laptop charger temporarily).


I have just installed Lightroom 4 and PS4 on my laptop and purchased the Nik Collection plug ins, which can be used in both programs. I haven’t used them much, but I plan to work my way around them shortly.
I like editing, it’s fun. You can do anything you like that the camera cannot do, and you can change one picture into a hundred different images, if you desire.


Others are more purist; like an image to be technically perfect and not faked in any way.
But for me, with one willing and constant model, I’ll edit the variety in….



2 comments on “Who’s That Girl….?

  1. marla2008 says:

    Knocked me out again with those. Your portraiture of Casey takes my breath away. Literally. You’re gonna do the model agency thing, right ? Please tell me you are….

  2. Debbie Noble says:

    Photos of Casey are beautiful as ever, if you want two other subjects mine are always available, the last pictures you took of them are truly gorgeous xxxx

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