Virtually Yours


To You, whom it concerns,

Just a quick note. To say thank you mainly, for your support, advice, positivity and praise. Without which I would possibly have given up by now… that is, not living….this is not a suicide note :0

Its been what? Six months? In that time we have become friends, we’ve laughed, bitched (of course), encouraged each other’s G.A.S  (not the antisocial kind)and shared; mostly photographs. Your Kid, my Kidz, our dogs, husbands, you know the thing.

untitledI remember looking at your photos and thinking s**t, I want to create photos just like these. I wanted to show the personalities of my children this way. The quiet intensity, muted vibrancy, balance and sweetness that shines through.  (Ok, my kids would NOT be described that way, but I say it like I see it!)

photo 1 (1)      photo 1

My husband looked at your photos and stated how good they are…which he never said about mine, at least not then.

photo 3

So I tried….failed…..tried again (still failed), but in the interim discovered that I actually had a style I had made my own. Different from yours, but largely honed by what I’ve learnt from you.

photo 2Learnt through your words, your pictures, your advice and feedback.

photo 2 (1)

I am grateful.

(Seriously….is it STILL not Thursday yet?!)

Virtually Yours

T x


One comment on “Virtually Yours

  1. marla2008 says:

    Thinking I am the happy recipient of this warm post, I’ll just say : a photographer is born. A serioulsy kickass one, too. As a friend I’m thrilled for you. As a “mentor” (of sorts), I’m both proud if I was instrumental at all in your progress, and humbled by your now very distinct and personal style, that in my eyes beats mine by a couple of miles. Keep up the good work, and let’s keep bitching and G.A.S.sing 😉

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